Thursday, December 16, 2010

end of semester

So its the last week of class was actually really good. I think being on our own page in the newspaper class helped me out so much. The paper looked good and I thing I learned sooo much throughout this whole semester. I am very excited to start next semester now that I know what to do and am excited to teach others. Hopefully next semester goes the same or better then this semester. I had a great time and will enjoy my time off but is still excited for next semester and what that will bring.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I just got done with writing a paper for another class about facebook and suicide. It really made me think that social networks are becoming more of an enemy than a friend. I dont have a facebook but of course, I know many people who do have one. No one I know every has any trouble with being bullied on the internet but it happens so often its sad. Why is this still going on? its hard to say if the social network or just the ignorance of people are making these things happen. I honestly believe this has been goingon for many years and things like Facebook are just making it easier for people to say things they shouldnt. Ss is that enough to make social networks shut down. As of right now no, but if these horrible things keep going on lets hope they will.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

First Blog

I can honestly say I have never created a blog before. I have posted a few things for one of my classes a year ago, but I never really did one on my own. It was very easy and I am excited to start this thing going. Hopefully I am doing everything right. For my first blog I will just talk about the experience so far o The Cleveland Stater. I was so excited to be on a newspaper,and couldn't wait to get started. It is amazing to see how much work goes into everything done with the paper. I am amazed at the amount of work put into every story even if it is only 120 words. it is also more amazing to see the newspaper actually being put together. I am very happy I am taking this course and cant wait to get some more issues out.